Thu, 05/07/2015 - 17:52 -- DeWren



Being black in America is like day to day war,America is at war with itself.Denial is the driver in satens car.and racism is the road that leads into our neighborhoods,what's left?                                        When evil penetrate, it grows like wildfires even to it's victims needs and desires, and create hate within itself,to the point of greed and one's self.                                                                                                  Could it get any darker than that?Try being black with greeneyes! Being black seems to be just the opposite, surely violence is a white history a fact denied, little tidbit.                                                              The darker it gets,the lighter we become, look at the truth that has become a lie to more than some,like white evil spreading throughout before the day is done,now darkness fell over the sun with all ur worshiping a gun, God doesn't even visit that darkness,but He sees it, but ur pure as the white driven snow,killing black men for sports from long, long ago,guess how much God know.                         So in reality, the dark side of black is really beautiful,loving, forgiving, loyal and true,longsuffering, sounds more like God son to me,whose praying for u that in secret hate,that u one day see the light, cause truth is, darker side of black is bright.

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