Darkness in the Sunlight

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 17:25 -- Kkallas

Sitting on a wooden floor the sunlight is shining in. 


The world around me is moving, not stopping to listen.


She is sitting across from me, her words like daggers in my heart, the silent glass shattered into a million painful parts.


I try not to let her see how her words are frightening me.  


As more words spill out it is harder to relate, I may be insecure but her heart is full of hate.


I want to tell her to stop, but she can't, she is blocked.


Inside she has been thrown against a wall, heart heavy like a rock.


How does the world around shrug off her pain? 


She is obviously sick, desperate, and insane.


I want to help her but I seem to be hurting so silent I will remain.


Maybe if we all listened more we could hear each other's pain.



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