The Darkness Inside

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but words can also hurt me.

Rolling, haunting, inside my mind

can someone, please, set me free


The darkness inside my messy mind

unlike my poor heart which is empty

Some days I have no emotion, no feeling

Some days my thoughts are plenty


Questions tumbling in my head, repeating,

no different to a merry-go-round

All these questions, not enough answers

and then anxiety brings me down


Spiralling, looping, out-of-control,

Why does my mind hate me so?

This cycle goes on forever and ever,

when will it stop? I don’t know


Everyday I’m aware I need help, but

as I turn to people, they turn away

What should be a bright, nonchalant life

Is more like meaningless and grey


Yes, I could get help, talk to someone

but really what good would it do?

All along, you’ve been asking what’s wrong with me,

when, in reality, I know it’s you

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A hug friend._ if you need a friend -

- from Georgia



I do need a friend pls :)

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