The Darkness and the Light

Thu, 08/20/2015 - 13:11 -- DRoman
A night around light is what started  it all
Never a thought that would lead to a fall
Day by day as darkness sunk deeper 
The more the darkness became a light seeker
With each dark night come to be closed
A light wordless address was never opposed
In came the warm and then it was known
How much that darkness had truly grown
Light had shown a good lesson learned
Into light, darkness had yearned 
A cycle of of seasons, thoughts gone astray
Soon darkness was in disarray
Darkness, ready to be absorbed by light
Wanting to be filled, hoping to be bright
Light exposed to color how vibrant it was then
Leaving darkness to be dark once again
Darkness, darker than ever before 
Lost and forgotten, to be dark forevermore 
Darkness, lost on its own
Fearing that light will never be shown
Going strong moments pass  
Living in strife, dark growing in mass
Realizing darkness still looking for light
Gets blacker and blacker with each passing night
Darkness, hoping for light to shine in
Turned red as blood for light once again
Darkness, still wanting light to consume it like fire 
Waiting to satisfy its deepest desire
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