Darkness and Light


Your lies, all they do is beat me
The truth, it tries to come and save me.
The lies, they have hidden you
The truth, it tries to uncover you
But you don't want to be found

The darkness
It all lays within your heart
They all see you the same but
Know what changed.

The light
it was once seen by everyone
But now only few see.
See the specks of light
Barely shimmering in
Evil, Grotesque heart

My light
The protections it gives
Trains me for the battle to be fought

You think the darkness makes you
It makes you weaker

The light is what makes me
The darkness destroys you
Little by little
Bit by bit
Until nothing is left
Of your eroding, disgraceful heart

Your weakness,
it hurts me
but will end you
in the lost shadows
of a grave
you have dug

You made your choice
I made mine
Darkness controls you
The light rejuvenates my soul;
and it will never harm me but
the darkness causes you to
slowly, slowly fade

The war began
Darkness vs. Light
one will overcome the other
I am attacked and all I see is
In every darkness,
There is always light

Now you're gone
You disappeared
And left me here
As if to rot
The darkness still lives
But vanished in the time
Of our friendship
I did what I had to do but
Regret what I did
It is my job to fight darkness
and it was your job to fight light
Won this battle
But lost my

Now you're alone
And no one can be trusted again

You may come back
As a spirit of the past
But you won't be my friend
You'll be the enemy hidden in the darkness

The evil in your heart has consumed you
The light has set me free
The dark will train you for the next war
But my training has already begun

I will be ready for your demise
But you haven't seen what I've seen
Or what I've done
but instead you try to see me
Almost succeeding
Failing miserably
As if you thought I knew you
But I don't anymore
The darkness morphed you

Your heart is darker than eclipses
And you cannot control the darkness
The darkness inflicts pain to you
Light inflicts pain to you
But the light will never hurt me
As long as I have the light
My pain can

The difference between
Is not light and darkness
Or good and bad
It's that you tried to hurt the
one you used to love
I did, too
My cause was to get you back
But now you're gone again
This time. . .



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