The Darkness


It started in my heart
It migrated to my head
It filled me with fear
Of going to bed

Thoughts that were not mine
Placed about in my mind
Making me afraid of what was to come next
And if I was going blind

I could not see the future
I could not remember the past
I could only live painfully
In a world not made for me

The pain is overwhelming
My sorrows filling me to my core
I wear a mask of comfort
So not to bear a burdenous chore

My friends may not worry
My family will never know
The people closest to me
Will never see the show

I hide my fear and anger
I hide myself away
Locking up the old
And shoving her astray

I need to find help
To get out of this
To be my guiding spirit
And to finally find my bliss

But in a world that isn't known
The darkness has given me its kiss
How can they help?
If in this world I don't exist?

I will find help
But how is unknown
For now I must suffer
Through this world alone

Will I ever get out
Will I ever leave
That depends on the person
Who dares tug at my sleeve....


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