Like a double edge knife I tried to fight; In the dark night I will always smile  but as she stares at me in my eyes I shiver in fright as the night goes by. Why do you taunt me I asked; she looked at me and shook her head. “Stop!!” I shouted, “ let me get by I am  just a little kid who don’t have eyes”.    What you seek is ahead of you just don’t fall your so freckle and small. I stared at her in the eyes and walked towards with my head held high as I move closer I start to sweat why do I fear something so imperceptible.    One more step and you’ll be mines why do you do this all the time. For the darkness is your strength, you’ll always forget the true meaning in the end. for once you were light and now your not , you will  for ever be mines i kid you not.

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