In the Darkness

Sixteen years old when my whole world was rocked.

Depression’s demons got the best of me.

And the door to freeing myself was locked

So in the dark I sat alone, helplessly.


Of course my life had to be put on pause

As only one thing mattered anymore:

Fighting the pain that I knew was the cause

So I could see all that life had in store.


But my state got worse as time ran away

My parents had one option left for me

A new facility in which I’d stay

That to freedom’s locked door may have the key.


That’s when the battle had really begun;

I was terrified to be all alone.

But I know that I couldn’t come undone

For I’d end up there if I cry and moan.


Do I have the courage it takes to go?

And when the program’s done will I be fine?

There is only one way I’ll ever know

And to take back the only life that’s mine.


I then mustered up all the bravery

That at the facility I would need

Current condition so unsavory 

That there was only one place I’d succeed.


I knew left there were but a few chances

And that flexibility was a must,

So I’d need to change my stubborn stances

And in parents and professionals trust.


My time there felt so lengthy and trying.

I had never reached a point down that far.

But my head and heart healed and stopped crying.

And I learned that wounds need not leave a scar.


I had never seen strength like that before

From somewhere so deep down inside of me.

I knew I needed more help in my core

And with more help I was finally free.


I gained an understanding of my mind

And knowledge that I’m stronger than I know,

When facing battles of an alike kind

I’ll be able to do what’s best and grow.

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