What you see is only one side of me.

The outside seems to be full of glee

But the inside is completely different

That I can guarentee.


Worries, Worries, Worries

Fill my head in sequential flurries.

While I am lying in bed

Over my head and heart darkness buries.


"The world is better without you;

your friends and family are too,"

Says that little voice inside me head

That sticks around like glue.


"You'd be better off dead;

why not leave while you're still in bed,"

Crying does nothing to alleviate

The feelings that have started to spread.


Don't worry. I don't plan to kill myself

But I wouldn't care if someone else

Just came along and took the life

My parents raised through eighteen-years of strife.


Until the day I die

I will choose to at least try

To help anyone I can

And not let my soul go awry.



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