Darkest Demise


The Sun shines in my eyes,
Its warmth on my face,
A smile on my heart,
I am filled with grace.

The Sun smiles back,
A very wide grin,
Speaks soft gentle words,
Inviting me in.

As I'm swept off my feet,
I don't even wonder,
There's no possibility
That this is counterfeit plunder.

I am perfectly happy
As the hours float by;
When together, I'm free,
No longer shy.

The Sun feels the same,
I know it's true.
He leans down and whispers,
"I only want you."

Every second and hour
Seems a day and a year,
I am enjoying every moment
That He calls me, "my dear".

This isn't just some feeling
That has grown so fast;
This friendship seems to be
One that's built to last.

Little did I know that,
As I closed my eyes,
When I opened them
It would be my demise.

It's as black as pitch
As I yell, "Where is the Sun?"
A tear fell from my cheek,
Was it something I'd done?

I am left all alone
During the cold, dark night,
There's no moon in the sky
To even comfort my fright.

I searched and searched,
I was out of my wits;
I started to think,
"Should I call it quits?"

But low and behold
When I turned around,
Over the horizon
He came with a bound.

Here came the Sun
As bright as before;
I was ready to soak up
All his galore.

Those old feelings came back,
I was ready to fly;
But then something happened:
I knew it was a lie.

I heard a small noise
Come from behind my back.
When I turned around,
My heart fell under attack.

There, standing behind me,
Was some other Girl,
Standing there smiling,
Giving Her hair a twirl.

I knew Her right away,
An old friend of mine,
This betrayal came
Without even a sign.

As my mouth fell open,
I started to cry,
How hadn't I noticed
The Sun was so sly?

The Sun shines in Her eyes,
Its warmth on Her face,
A smile on Her heart,
She is filled with grace.

The Sun smiles back,
A very wide grin,
Speaks soft gentle words,
Inviting Her in.

A wave of confusion
I was flooded by,
My heart was broken,
I couldn't deny.

It was then I realized,
I knew it was true,
The Sun had lied
Saying, "I only want you."

The Sun was a liar,
A cheater, a dog,
He was a pig,
The most disgusting hog.

There was only one wish
Left alive in my heart;
I wished for the strength
To turn and depart.

Then, all of a sudden,
A feeling washed over me:
My wish had been granted!
I was filled with glee.

I turned my back,
Ready to leave,
No longer sad,
Why should I grieve?

As I walked away
I felt rather wise;
For I didn't let the Sun
Be my demise.


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