The darkest chamber

She sits there alone,

Waiting for someone to hold her, 

She sobs as she clenches the blanket around her,

All she asks for is to be understood,

Instead she is laughed at,

Because she stood out,

Because she was smarter then them,

Because she was stronger then them,

She never understood why people did this to her,

For she was the girl who comforted her friends,

Even with  strangers she would manage to make them smile,

Even though they hurt her,

She always forgave,

But the day came when she stopped helping them,

And she chose to hide,

Hiding her battle wounds, 

Leaving her in disguise,

And when no one saw her,

Her true self came out,

She expressed what she wanted,

She cried to herself,

She thought crying made her weaker,

So never pleaded for help, 

Hiding her pain in plain site,

Caused her to hide in a dark room,

Where she felt secure,

She closed her eyes and forgot about reality for a while.

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