Dark Waters vs. the Coalesced Staff of Light

Drowning, drowning, drowning…

Please, someone save me…

But his voice is lost

In the suffocating dark recesses

Of loneliness.

I have no one.

Solitude envelopes him

In her arms,

Crying for him,

And the boy finds himself

Sinking deeper into the depths

Of self-pity.


One last time,

A faint, flickering fire deep within his heart

Drives the boy to open his eyes,

Hoping for a miracle to present itself

In front of him.

He finds himself surrounded by light

Where before there seemed to be eternal night.

Searching for the source

He slowly tilts his head back to look up

And squints his eyes.

A hand is extended towards him.

Not daring to blink for fear of its disappearance,

He hesitantly reaches out to touch it…

And he grabs it.

Strong and steady.

Who is this?

The hand pulls him up,

And after being momentarily blinded

The boy looks up to see…


His sunlight.

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