Dark Times

This isnt the right time for us, because I have all these issues with trust. In my dark times all I can think about is you. I have some things I'm tryna let go. The world around me is moving so fast but I'm moving slow. heart of fire, lips of gold. I want the truth but I'm a liar to be honest I'm getting old. The world outside your arms is cold. Your two beautiful eyes and beating heart is what I call home. My emotions are a raging storm. Moving from left to right I get cold I need you to keep me warm. I have another man's burden on my shoulders. She know that my heart, my everything is her's. I know I'm a mess. Please don't blame me for what the world has done to me. This is as close to happiness I can be. Being happy is dangerous but I'm willing to take a risk but I promise ill be cautious.  I'm going to make a million promises especially the ones I know i can't keep. I feel like I'm drowning in a puddle of your love but it's only knee deep. Every girl that I loved seemed to push me away. That's real life but I'll understand someday. When I pass away tell the reaper to reap my soul. Ask him if he can take me to your door once before my body goes into that hole.

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