Dark Thoughts

Doesn't matter if you're having a nice day.

They come and go anyways.

One moment, you're just hanging out with friends.

Then a thought comes and brings an end. 

"They aren't your friends,

They all are just playing pretend.

No one likes you, a child, a fake,

So why don't you just fade away?"

Then suddenly the flood gate breaks

And there really isn't an escape.

Thoughts flood in to your mind and soul.

And you have nowhere to go. 

Trapped in your own mind,

Untill the end of time.

The ground underneathe you collapses,

Right in front of the masses.

And you try to calm yourself down.

But then you further drown.

Who can save you?

Who would try to? 

Wait-you tell your mind.

'These thoughts are mine.

Why am I hurting myself?

Why can't I reach out for help?

Why am I so pathetic-?

Wait no-that was negative.

Because I gotta think positive,

Or else I've lost it. '

So you breath in and out, really slow

Hoping you didn't let it show.

Because you don't want your friends to know.

The seed of doubt that you let grow. 

So when you get home,

And you're all alone.

You throw on your hoodie and sweats, 

And try to forget,

But you stumble and cry,

But darlin' that's alright.

Turn on your favorite show,

And go with the flow.

Give yourself a treat,

Get some chocolate to eat. 

Turn your thoughts around,

And stand and be proud.

Remind yourself to take a moment,

And remind yourself that you are worth it.

And keep those dark thoughts at bay,

Be careful of what you say,

And most of all, just try to survive,

Do whatever it takes not to die. 

Because there's only one you on this planet.

And sweetie don't ever forget it. 



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