Dark Skin

Being of a darker complexion in this world I face challenges everyday.

From stares, to hurt remarks, and sometimes compliments.

Being of a darker complexion I’ve been bullied to beaten everyday in school when I was younger.

I never ask for a life like this. From the way I looked to my skin color.

I was made in the image of God and not to be so down and hard on myself.

Being of a darker complexion compliments came here and there but were never serious.

Always being joked and laughed at by others, I always seem to smile and join in with them.

But yet they never knew my pain and the tears I cried every night.

Being of a darker complexion caused me to harm myself when I wasn’t strong enough to push through.

But at the end of the day being of a darker complexion taught me many lessons and to simply LOVE THE SKIN I’M IN!

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