Dark Silence Is My Cave

Darkened silence of lost love ,
you gave the rain that never goes away 
dark silence is my cave ,
Mist filled halls of broken dreams .

Promises of lies in your eyes 
Hold me in doom with you ,
Since there's no hope ,
let me sleep , death sounds good to me .

Cold black stone of ashen ,
walls that hit at my soul
In shadows he watches me scream ,
fears that don't go away .

Dark Angels words eat way at me
Lost is what I feel , 
He makes me so I'll .

I Feels him near me all the time 
I don't have no freedom ,
I feed on his lies of darkness ,
I don't sleep , if I do he is with me .

His breath is on my breast 
his lies in my ears ,
a kiss on my lets of coldness ,
his cold hands all over my slender body .

My numbness came over me 
Dark Angel I cried ,
get off of me , you to heave for me ,
he was hasten .

He goes to the window
looking at the lavender moon ,
that has been leaping in my room ,
Dark Angel walked away in hast .

Slamming the door to lock it,
I moved along my bed losing my mind ,
asking myself how did this come to be .

Lilly Emery



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