Dark Rapunzel

Once there was a girl named Rapunzel,

Whose beauty could rival the stars,

With golden hair, lucious and full,

But a heart that was littered with scars. 


See, Rapunzel was just a small girl,

When an evil man, in a whirl,

Stole her innocence with little strife,

And forever changed her life.


Rapunzel no longer wanted to play,

Instead choosing to stay in her tower all day,

By her mothers side, her revenge would start,

Learning witchcraft, a most fearsome art.


When she emerged, it was to joy and cheers,

But that quickly turned to chaos and fear,

For who stood forefront of the villagers' crowd,

But a familiar face standing tall and proud?


Surrounded by children and a wife that looked worn,

Was the man upon whom her revenge was sworn,

And at seeing the one who had forced her to his bed,

Rapunzel's magic hair dashed forward and cut off his head. 


Witnessing this display of merciless power,

The villagers locked her back inside of her tower,

And in her tower, Rapunzel would bask

in the knowledge that she had completed her task.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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