You walk around late at night 
Like you’re are right,
about are last fight,
Sure, your right?
I walked away holding on to fate,
I don’t want to see no more wrong
To this same old sad song,

I don’t feel any good energy 
when you come around,
the owls hoot while you take a shoot 
right at my heart,
but it won’t be long 
until I make you stay away,

In my days before it turned grey,
I would see the sun while kids play,
I specialized what is right in Gods eyes,
I don’t like the dark side of all those lies,
That is the eyes of hollowness,

freezing cold prince of injustices
holding so much disappearing ways,
that cuts up on the heart 
to engrave evil marks,
you give so much fears 
to all who comes near,

But you Oh, Prince of darkness,
You call this a place of love,
I say you are messed up,

you are a shadow of the night,
You walk around making fights,
You always say you have enough of me 
but then you give me darken dreams,
and all that stuff 
then you make a fuss about us,

You take all the real from my life,
then you keep saying so much lies
to keep me by your side,
while I sleep, you keep watching, waiting, 
stalking, screaming, shaping, faking
mocking, dancing, crawling around like a clown,

Behind your eyes, are dark places
With ancient rages,
alone you had locked people in cages,
this I don’t understand,
this is a place of home grown lies,
But I stand strong,
I’m not afraid because I have faith in Love,

I just don’t belong in this place,
this is a disgrace, this old darken place,
all these fears of you that keeps me blue,
all you’ve ever given me,
was all the heartaches and pain 
that brings on rain,

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017

The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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