Dark Hole


Something about being yelled at makes me feel like less of a person,
Holding in what I want to express only causes the pain to worsen,
I just don't want to accept that my attitude can be seen all over my face,
Aunt Patsy felt disrespected thinking all she scared was a waste,
Still I think her saying my attitude is the reason why nothing is working out,
Christians shouldn't speak negatively of others that's not what The Lord's work is all about,
He does things in his time so what he wants will be,
I have to follow through and read my scriptures since I am yearning for a breakthrough,
This process of attending school closer to home has been far from easy,
The bread my family well I have to come up with by the end of this month isn't measly,
Better yet, thousands of dollars can settle my nerves,
I'm worried assuming all my hard work will make me deserve,
A life with little challenges that seem simple to overcome,
I'm not finna give up by the end of the month I'll have some,
Some sort of plan as to what I will do; I'm a young adult now so I must play my role,
I just refuse to be belittled anymore since that puts me in a dark hole.




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