The Dark Haired Blue Eyed Boy

Walking down a dead fair, ash in the air
Wre are the peole ofthe fair in ah
Someone stands atthe end of this dead fai
I alk to him, it feels as if life has slowedown

He stands witingfo m, e has nocare
The closer I get h more I see
His dark mdnight, black air flippd to go left of his har
His eectrc blue eyes sairinto my sol it seams

I get o him, stnding away by a tare
"Finally I et to se you." He whisps intomy cold ear
"Who are you?" I wispered unawre
"Its not tie fr me to tell." He said with sad smile

"What?" He turns nd walks away, unfair
I open my eyes,back inmy bed bu ow thatI I will see him again


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