Dark to Bright Path

I say I can remember the memories.

You were a good one.

I loved you inside out.

Dark path came my way.

Every single questions rushed and went down through the mind.

A thousand reasons.

I asked why me? To decide and crush the heart.

The thought turned into knives, dark, tears, and lies.

You’re forgotten in life.

Until bright path came.

The mind set to having success, achievement, accomplishment.

Most of all happiness and able to be free off the dark path

Knowing I am worth.

Knowing I’m a star of my bright path, lead to positive vibes.

I came upon into real love

 The kind of love that protects, motivation, respects, amusing, friendly, kind, generosity.

Most importantly I know who I am, know my worth that I shine in my bright path.

With this I’m committed to my success and my real love. 

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