Dark Bitter Brew and You

Sipping on my drink, dark bitter brew and drunken irish tunes add to distractions that aren't what they're meant to be.

Another heart wrenching sip, I know I shouldn't, but I do.

Time starts to slow-wanton conversations- with every sip your image appears clearer, and I begin to realize I can't get you out of my head.

Dark bitter brew makes me think of you-                                                                                                              I wanted you so bad I thought I needed you.

Dark bitter brew, this wasn't why i drank you-                                                                                                You were my best friend, my lover and my muse.

Without you i feel empty...

But I snap out of my stupor, and as these thoughts pass, the veil of my beverage now appears as you do; cool and appealing at first glance, but as you settle  you turn your back on me.

Dark bitter brew from this day forward you no longer control me.

Slam Behind the Curtain


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