Dark Angels Ship Black Pearl

The old ship moved along with forgetfulness through the sharp pains of darken dreams oh winter waves rushing through the night like it was holding fright  to all eyes that could seewhat the storms out on sea brings, The old ship Dark Angel call black pearlthe old ship rock and rock ;like it was angry out on the Mediterranean seaon every hour the wind blows and the rain comes downas if death was taking a stand to all men that sail at seaoh how they do bleed what Dark Angel feeds, Tears will fall with no end just like the windthis old fearful story force sight with a hunger in thrustMoonlight stand out from the crowed her as are like angel of light that shines so brightclouds of darkness is making its roundswhile Dark Angel pushes his anger all over the seaeven casting pain upon on his queen wreathed words of error holding on to ignorance, Moonlight has clime the stars of her own beaten down pastthat holds the pains of rain that others gave ; But at times see did find her faith and comfort that gave her the reasons to fight the good fight even if she is being tested by darknessoh fate with jealous eye are always nearbut Moonlight will keep her strength even in darken dreams. Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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