Dark Angel At It Again

Dark Angel At It Again


Dark Angel, here you go again 

talking about your sins;

you put in my head

a picture of the dead 

you betrayed me in every way,


He only moved on for a little while

just to make me think I am free 

just for all to take their eyes off him

but anyone knows how this old story goes 

Dark Angel hasn't forgotten me 

he is only play nice and neat 

just to trap me where others couldn't see,


But his old hinder is making lots of thunder

casting his anger out upon seas over me 

he is craving my touch he loved so much

hungering for a kiss he will never get

that makes him hiss like a Freak

His anger is burning stronger 

like a wild fire that is burning up 

whatever happiness that comes his way,


He makes others think he is doing okay 

he stands up bold out in the cold

with a fake smile upon his face 

with a wink coming from his right eye

but everyone can see he is lying 

because deep within

 he is crying to be with me.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1981


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