In The Dark

in the dark...
below the huskie wee wee..the doggy wee wee,
use me above the known see the humble
buckle up to the word of the wise best to reflect on life
sugar cane and spice..

host a canary to a new box swing
chase across the patio nor porch box swing
realize the amount of f requenzy
tresure beneath the trees
bending the miracle need

love is for winners falling short to a losser
medoicre branded fixture all as in element fixture
money back to recieve
faces of laughter hardest to bleed

love the pusher refelect upon God
in the dark we can see through the light hardened peak of ghetto hype
swing pillows to accustom a tease eager seat as a donut in need of a cop
radiate lest forth you contemplate gee how you radiates

jealosy with a host of Charmin as you please
in the dark one can chase what is right
check the radio hear the needle sratch
over and over

built in the cover melted pot with a inch of butter
in the dark the chance to an ordeal
waiting for my very next meal,
police chase a coward in the face with mace

love is so tender and polite pay no atteintion to its blight

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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