the dark

i call out

do you hear me

my voice echos in my head


but you dont notice

you keep on walking

and i fall


im falling in my own head

the feelings too hard to voice

i want to hide


i cant reach you

i can see you

but you leave


and im left on my own again

the chasm in my chest growing

but ill never reach you

the light in the tunnel


but it was only a crack in the wall

i was peering out into the sun

and you were walking away


at first i didnt notice it

my shadow creeping up behind

but i was the poison

i was the key to my own demise


and so i fall

i fall away into nothing

nobody sees me

nobody trys to look


they only see what they want

they only see the sun

staring out the crack in the wall

or staring in from out


and they block out the dark


i am the dark



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Our world
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