Dare To Be Seen Unfiltered

I’m a perfectionist yet I’m so imperfect.

My dreams appear to be a huge mountain before me.

The only problem is that I’m not a rock climber,

I am only me…


Yet I am determined to reach the summit.

I am relentless in the pursuit of my goals.

“What is this massive mountain?” you may ask.

The unreachable peak ahead of me is medical school.


To other people, I might look perfect.

I have a great family, friends, a job, and a college degree.

I get along with most everyone and am easy-going.

But even so, I often feel completely inadequate.


Then I am reminded of my beautiful calling.

I am not doing this for me.

These dreams need to become a reality,

And it’s going to happen for the sake of others.

The walls in my room are covered in pictures.

There are pictures of friends and family,

Pictures of vacations and fond memories,

And then there are pictures of people who are broken.


It is from these hurting people I receive my drive.

I traveled to Guatemala, India, and Africa.

Each place is unique and beautiful in its own way,

But in each place I encountered sick and hurting people.


My dream is to become a physician who truly cares.

Not only do I want to treat people’s physical needs,

But I also want to provide care for their hurting hearts.

There is so much more to a person than a hurting body.


When the road to my dreams becomes difficult,

I remember the people in desperate need of healthcare.

My friends and family encourage me and lift me up.

I turn to creative outlets such as drawing, painting, and music.


The hike ahead of me will be intense and not easy by any means.

Fortunately my imperfections can be eclipsed by others’ encouragement.

I’m not perfect and I struggle, but deep in my heart there is beauty.


I am more than my flaws.

I am more than my mistakes.

It is time to let myself be free and let others see me with no filter.

With time, I am learning to love who I am.

Maybe others will be able to love unfiltered me as well?


Some only look at people from a surface level.

Others simply judge people according to stereotypes.

But I am a misfit,

I cannot fit in a stereotype or mold created by the world.


My heart is too big for that.

It cannot simply be classified in that way because it is full of many things.

Discard the judgmental lens society says you need to see people.


Take a look into my heart and you will find…

Passion, determination, generosity, and love.

Take a look into my soul and you will find…

A tender and compassionate spirit.


Just don’t look merely at my outward appearance.

Looks can be deceiving.

I want to dare to look into the hearts of others.

But not only that, I will dare to let others see me without a filter.



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Our world


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