The dangling bell

Soul of departed heart is being congested
Buy the Queen that have always corrected
The motivation about the bell created
with a lot of memories evaluated
the dangling bell have always protected
a lot of sound that is haunted
by the tune of every affected
souls to be motivated
from being separated
a lot of bird is invented
by an inventor that is educated
from the dangling bell that is accepted
because it is formulated
by the sound of the kind-hearted
Dangling that have always rejected
any negative directed
By many population calculated
and the noise prohibited
From the dangling bell that is tauted
Buy a lot of foe which are frustrated
From being collected
from those that are hunted and the stage of the dangling bell that is acted
by those that are related
with the way they reacted
on behalf of the bell created
By the bounded sound of the one protected
4ever the dangling bell is selected
By those that are elated


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