The Dangerous Side

Her facade is old and dusty. Never mind her.

That for years she has been shaking it, shaking it out.

It is how it is, ruined with unuse. And just as well

Because paper masks don't go well with dangerous things

Like fire. She is a dangerous thing. Precariously fierce and power-giddy.

In a rush over having what somebody doesn't. Waterfall blood

And explosion mentalities. Rubies and emeralds

In the eyes of a pretty dagger, a deadly flower, but more destructive than those

Because she is a dangerous little jar full of words

And she can so easily go back on her promises to the ones who took her

As a poisonous thing in delicate costume. She brings

Beautiful words that carry upset. Angry icy droplets.

It must be that with all the time she has spent on this she could see the snow.

Wonderful bright cold sparks. But she is on the brink of oblivion,

The edge of self-destruct, and all glows red with her.

She is a glass princess, fragile and beautiful and holding together

Nought but cutlass shards of molten marble.

She's just that much too far gone, almost insane

Just a little mad girl in a world full of airplanes

And there's no way she could beat her wings to your altitude

But she sees the point in little nothings

And she sees you and you see her

And she's a little mad girl chasing airplanes

And you let her, you know her heart too well not to overwhelm her.

She scares you accidentally

Scared, you are in this world just as she

Used to be

That as soon as words come out, she can be branded just like them,

That as soon as she can talk, she's convinced of incorrectly

She's not made for the world as it is and

That's why she's afraid, shivering in silence that she made

Wondering whether she should reply

But too far gone to realise

You're already gone, that's how it works,

She's clinging to the lost instead of holding hurts

Wishing wonder gone until she wants it, wants it back...

And nothing really works, so stop keeping her

Selfish stronger airplane holding her heart not on purpose

Floating down the river as she dreams worse things

She's a frightened, distant, taken little mad girl

And she's a bite to us, a slash, a cut, five hundred tiny knives

And needle eyes, commas and parentheses waiting to exclaim

With their everything unanswered. She's losing herself into

Too many unattentive losses. And one long anticipated after

One big mistake in

Letting herself want you, take it, fix me, break her...

And her dangerous side is full of words

And that's why we can fear her

Because she can have anything she wants. Because she can do anything she likes.

She can change the world, the words, the rest of us to help her tell her lies.

But you have taught her the difference between good and her

So she's not going back to the brightest fallen one

She'll be her own fallen angel from now on

She won't be lost till you say that she's on her own

And even then, even so,

She knows you'll never let her go

So so so...

Because you know the song, you know she's wrong

You have the clearest idea of worlds gone

And you're so still here,

So sane, no fear of things you can be made into

And you don't mind generalizations like she does

You don't cry at mispronunciations like she could

She won't go like you would

But she's not gonna lose either

She'll follow airplanes

On her own wings

Until she finds

Another way

To fly.


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