The Dandelion

Now it is March,
And thus begins the feud
Winter or Spring? Warm or cold?
Will the earth be renewed?

Sick and tired of bitter wind,
Most are ready for Spring.
Winter gathers her few supporters
And prepares her one last sting.

Birds are few, their song is silenced
A "Winter Weather Alert" nearby.
A bit of snow, a lot of freezing rain—
That’s Winter's kind good-bye.

And then—what’s that? A sign of Spring?
Must mean Winter is dyin’.
For over there, deep in the meadow,
Look and see a dandelion.

It isn't thriving, it’s not too big.
Yet the dandelion is a sign;
A sign that Winter is done waiting
Spring is here and ready to shine.

Their fight is an echo of years gone by;
Spring will eventually prevail.
Yet Winter gives it all she has
Spring must attack hard—she cannot fail.

Spring fights, Winter bites.
The world looks on with worry.
Warm or cold? Rain or snow?
Spring’s certainly not in a hurry.

In the midst of all this, the dandelion grows
Oblivious to the battle around it.
At one point, Winter even brings snow
The frozen flakes almost quite drowned it.

Now Spring is mad—her efforts set back.
She fights harder than before.
But Winter does too; she wants to stay.
Another kind of “Cold War”.

Winter knows she will soon be gone;
So she fixes for one last battle.
She thinks and plans and prepares her best.
They can hear her heavy chains rattle.

What’s Winter’s plan? What has she cooked up?
No one knows just yet.
You can be sure it’ll be harsh and cruel—
It’s Winter, don’t forget.

Gradually, the weather grows warmer
Many are fooled into believing
Spring is here- but that’s not true
Don’t be tricked; it is deceiving.

For winter is scheming a one last shock
Just look at the forecast.
A drop in the temperature is coming soon—
What a massive contrast!

Now too quickly Winter’s returned,
And very few are glad.
A chilly wind brings bitter snow
And erases all Spring they had.

Enduring the snow, the dandelion suffers.
Has its time come to an end?
It wasn’t ready for this turn of events.
We must say good-bye to our dear friend.

But wait! Not yet! This is Winter’s last try!
Surely the weed can stick it out!
Indeed it can, and indeed it has.
Soon even more will sprout!

For this has been Winter; we’ve made it through March.
And Spring has nearly won.
The sun emerges; the snow is melted—
Winter’s defeated—it’s done!

Now it is April;
Warm weather has come again.
Walk to the meadow and you shall see—
There still stands our dandelion.


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