So beautiful you are in the field of wilds flowers 
you are a common flower 
you brighten up the field with your beautiful gold
You brighten the days of a lovers eyes 
you are a flower of many 
But you are your own beauty 
You are the beauty of age
so thine and small rich in color 
you rob the lovers hearts 
You are the beauty
even when dust makes its way in 
you stand out among the wild 
in the fields you glow 
You are the art of the painters eyes
the meadows deep shadows on the graze
the painter paints away at your beauty 
of gold swaying back and forth 
You are the beauty among all the wild flowers
you sprinkle your love around the drakes old tree  
You beautified the land 
You are my childhood flower 
my eyes had always desired 
I had to pick you and take you home 
to lighten up the place .
Lilly Emery


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