Dancing Hands


United States
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Walking towards the stage,
Trying not to cry.
This better make the front page,
For I’m about to die.

I look up and see the piano,
So glorious and black.
Suddenly I’ve forgotten how to swallow,
But that won’t set me back.

I go onstage and sit on the seat,
My feet not touching the floor,
I know the judges can hear my heartbeat,
It’s my first competition at the young age of four.

I take a breath and start my little song,
My hands dancing gracefully across the keys,
I keep praying nothing goes wrong,
Just thinking about the trophies.

I finish with a bang and take a quick bow,
Loving the applause from the crowd.
The first thought in my head was “wow,”
I’ve never seen my parents more proud.

The awards come around, and I place third,
Not bad for someone my age.
This is one of the memories that is most treasured,
The first time I played for a crowd onstage.



Sat there looking back on my childhood, and this was the first thing that came to mind.

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