A speck of dust 

Spiralling through eternity 

Gathering momentum 

Navigating the endless space 


Does it matter where it's headed 

Can it stop its grand descent 

Will this speck of dust regret its purpose in the end


Open your eyes 

Wittness the light's feleting romance 

As it waltzes through the sky 

Dodging clouds, only resting at midnight

Whispering lullabies to passerbys


Grasp the warmth, hold the night

Allow the breeze to control the nerve endings in your spine 

Embrace shivers that take warmth and give light 

In your mind's eye, watch 

All around you the world is settling, breathing, expanding 


Can you hear it in the silence 

Like the exhale of the leaves 

It's dust sailing endlessly 

Carressed by a golden web of ease 


I feel it when I think of you 

I see it when you smile 

I hear it spoken softly

When you hold my gaze a while 


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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