To Dance or Not To Dance


To dance, or not to dance…that is the question

Whether it is better to hide

And keep our talents hidden

Or if it is better to be flamboyant and risk

The judgmental looks and thoughts of others

The pounding bass and ecstatic music pulses through our bodies

Begging our limbs to bend and sway to the hypnotic beat

The flashing lights pulling us to the dance floor

To give in to the spell and move as if we were connected to the song

Gives the expression of who we are: fun, brave, and free

But to fall under the pressure to act so carelessly

Brings hideous, judging faces, embarrassing pictures

And causes bodily perspiration, the stench a very unattractive liability

To let ourselves be crazy, let loose, and have fun,

Who would dare negatively react to our good spirited nature?

Who wouldn’t look up to our immense courage?

Tossing your arms above your head, swaying your hips to the rhythm

Creates a night worth remembering

However, standing against a cool wall,

Observing the crowd, keeping the excitement within you contained

Will protect you from the rumors, pictures, and humility that results from this sort of outrageous act

To be true, I pity those who lack the audacity to set themselves free

Alas, I choose to dance

I choose outgoing craziness over

Becoming an expressionless wall-flower

I’m prepared to allow the deafening music to carry me to the dance floor

To throw myself about, spin, twirl, and laugh

To make memories that will last me a lifetime

Yes, I choose to dance


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