Dance With Me

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 05:42 -- mselzer

Dance with me.
Swing me around the living room floor
Show me what I miss
When we can't dance anymore.

Dance with me
Make me dizzy and love me hard
Pick me up, set me down
Let's twirl 'round this house of cards

Dance with me
Let our heart beats intertwine
My hand set firmly in yours
As we sway to a few more lines

Dance with me
Throughout my day and into my dreams
Let's make a masterpiece
That only we ever get to see.

Dance with me
Before our feet grow tired and bodies grow old
I want to feel it
Before the thrumming beat turns cold

Dance with me
One last time before we have to go
Before we get our wings
Let's move 'til we get our halo

Dance with me
As we float around heavenly songs
For we are young again
And we'll dance forever as we sing along.


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