Mon, 07/21/2014 - 18:32 -- Alharge
Danbury holds the only home I have ever known and in that home are the memories that make me the person I have become. 
Many say that they hate danbury. 
But the ones who come from a different place have something else to say. 
They may agree. But some do not see.
when you live in a house, drink as much water as you please and eat food with ease then life is not that bad. 
There are people who would kill to live in boring old danbury. The people who have to fight for their lives day to day wouldn't mind having to stay in Danbury. 
The people who have never seen a classroom with real desk would probably think the best of DHS. 
The people who have never felt safe could live in a place where you don't have to be afraid to leave your house in the middle of the day. 
The people who only dream to be able to learn how to read would adore danbury library. 
I'm not saying that Danbury is amazing. But it's not that bad. So the pieces are high, and the town may feel small. We sure complain for people who have it all. 
DHS may not be the best. But we have more activities than the rest. we may not have a pool but we have an actual school with real walls... that have writing but they're walls. And desks that have gum under them ....but at lest you don't have to stand or sit in the Sand like the kids in the Sudan who would love to learn in a real building. 
Come on people seriously? 
Do your think that bad of Danbury? 
It's boring, some of the people are annoying and the weather isn't great. 
But you can meet people easily, get an education, and can obtain the best opportunities in the nation. 
Sure maybe Danbury's not the place id vacation. 
But before id say I hate danbury think about all it's given me. 
The only home I have ever lived in, the only team I've ever loved, the friends I've made...the people I can truly trust. A childhood I am fond of and a family that I really love. 
Danbury is the city that I come from and I'm proud of. 


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