The Damage You've Done

You used my head
You used my heart
You used the special
concealed part

I never showed anyone,
But I gave it to you
Thought if you could trust me
then I could trust you too

Guess I was wrong
I'm wrong a lot
In fact I am wrong
More often than not

It's to be expected
I mean, with your record
Lying, using, harming,
tick, tick, tick

You seem to have done
worse than anyone
Worser things still
and it makes me sick

Why are you like this?
But why should I care?
Not like you ever did;
even I was scared

Did that really happen,
Happen to me?
Goodbye to innocence
and being free

Free from my conscience
Free from my mind
You make my head ache
all the time

It's sarcasm when I say
"Mmm, yeah, it was fun."
So thanks, thanks a lot
for the damage you've done

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