A Daily Routine For The Household

The Children wake up in the morning,
Go to the bathroom,
Look at their faces in the mirror,
Brush their teeth,
Take a quick shower,
Put on their clothes,
And hastily make their beds

Mom hushes the crying baby,
Cuddles it and breastfeeds it,
Gives the tiny tot a bath,
Heads for the kitchen,
Prepares a nice breakfast,
Calls the household,
And eats with them at the dining table

Grandma sends off the children to school,
Washes the dishes,
Cleans the stove,
Defrosts the refrigerator,
Dusts the furniture,
Mops the floor,
Wipes the windows,
And throws out the garbage

Aunt does the laundry,
Listens to music on her iPod,
Grabs a light lunch,
Browses through a publication,
Talks to the neighbour at the fence,
And goes to the grocery store

Dad fixes his old automobile
Trims the hedges,
Mows the lawn,
Waters the plants in the garden,
Rakes the leaves,
And sweeps the driveway

Mom begins to feel sleepy
She yawns and sighs
And she takes a nap on the lounge chair
In an hour or two she gets up,
Stretches her limbs,
And goes back to the kitchen
It is time to cook a delicious meal

She takes a bath in the afternoon,
Changes her clothes,
Sets the table and serves dinner
The family has dinner together,
Discusses important issues,
And makes jokes about one another

The children tidy their rooms,
Do their homework,
Play video games,
Make noise and misbehave,
Give their parents a headache,
Watch Television and eat supper

Dad takes the dog outside,
Locks up the house,
Tells the little ones a bedtime story,
Says a prayer for everyone,
Turns out the lights,
And goes to bed before midnight

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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