On The Daily

On the daily walking out the door is a risk

number one thought on mind is rich

but distractions occupy so priorities switch 

from woman being anything almost everything

but belittled too bitch

all the way too bullets flying promising tears over a ditch

where even the most graceful go numb 

and the innocent gain the need for a gun

what danger and fear is for the average

but the norm for us

cause thats life, thats daily, thats ghetto,

thats everybodys devil singing hypnotizing carrols

but I break the barrier accept the knowlegde 

put the pen to papper and explain to them

woman are a godsend and guns are an option

but through one ear out the other my message filtered

altered too justify the negative choices thought of

so i'll throw my backpack on and march in too college 

cause maybe if i get my degree the ghetto will follow me

no i ain't trying to lead, i just need better credibility 

to start the beginning of a better tomorrow on the daily


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