Daddy's Little Princess


From birth to grave, 

You will always be mine,

The one who was there and 

will always be.

For my first walk to my walk

down the aisle,

You stood by me.

From tricycle, to bicycle, to motorcycle,

You watched me grow

while trying not to let me go.


But I will always be your little Princess.

I still recall the moments of falling 

and you stalling, 

trying to avoif the bawling.

The mess was the same but

you aren't to blame.

You are my rock,

From building block to 

the end of the clock.


You were my first Prince Charming,

And I was your first Princess.

I cherish every pinky promise,

and the moments where you

were my acomplice. 

From every bunny kiss to 

the moments you had to miss,

it's hard to hiss

because I still love you. 

From birth to grave. 


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