Daddy's Little Girl


You watched me grow older.

You held my hand through my pain.

You never left my side,

no matter how hard the rain.

You watched as I've changed,

from a little girl to a teen;

as I moved from barbies to cell phones

and everything in between.

You've watched me laugh.

You've watched me cry.

I miss your oldself Daddy,

it hurts as I watch you die.

I'm scared beyond belief.

I know mom is too.

It seems like everyday it's getting worst.

I don't want to lose you.

I know we don't have the best relationship

and we're always in another fight,

but you're still my childhood best friend,

who would hold my hand through the night.

I remember being Daddy's little girl,

and I remember how much I've always looked up to you,

and I know I hardly ever say this anymore,

but, Dad, I promise I love you too.


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