Daddy's Gone

It feels like just yesterday you were calling out my name

"Help, I can't breath" its literally driving me insane

I've looked at every sign you gave to let me know you're here

But i can't put my finger on it how your spirit is somewhere near

Heaven is so far away i wish they had a phone

A simple phone call away would make the worries go away

I can't sleep at night knowing i could have helped

Somehow someway you could still be here with out a doubt

I've tried my best to put it in the back of my head

To try to get some rest but i can't go to bed

And mother out there not giving a damn

It's like i don't exist i just don't understand

I've been called names so many times it doesnt hurt

You've taught me i have thick bones underneath my shirt

You're the plain reason why i can hide my scars

Nobody out there can do the same you've done so far

This is just a short story to pin point my life

Some day im gonna wake up && become a loyal wife

Too bad you won't be there for that special moment

I was happy with you but the worlds my opponent

I remember all the days we used to laugh and smile

Those days are gone since we're all shakin' in denial

I'm busted up with memories

We used to be a family

Now everyone seperated

I almost feel unrelated

My brother turned into some hood rat but no one seems to care

I've been questioning his existence since he's also never there

I have the best man he's always on my side

But that doesn't hide the fact that i usually want to die

It's not because he's not doing the best the can

There's just so much pain lately it doesn't go to plan

I hope you know i'm not trying to make excuses

I've made mistakes but no kid deserves abuses

During school i felt discriminized on the daily

Now that i'm out i feel like i get treated fairly

Everyone's like "wow you've grown up so fast"

I had to if i wanted to escape my past

We eat in silence no one dares mentions your name

They see the hurt, my eyes show the pain.

This poem is about: 
My family
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