Daddy's girl


Daddy wouldn't want to see his princess fall

so I watch my stride and keep my pride alive

Daddy wouldn't want to see me fail

so when they raise the bar and I pratice pull ups

Daddy wouldn't want me to cry

so I keep my tears to myself and hold my head up high

But Daddy isn't here anymore

will I fall, fail or cry?


No, Daddy wouldn't want that

I have to be Princess all on my own

so he'll be impressed when he comes home

but it's been years since i sat on your lap

and i forgot the way you smelled when you came from work

all the memories we shared are becoming a blur

and i keep hearing the rumors of her

you know, the pretty lady they say you have now

but that can't be true cause you and mommy are in love

you told me yourself, that there was no one touched your heart like mommy did


but its been years since I heard your name

and I'm starting to go insane, can't control my own brain

so Daddy you have to come back

I remember all the things you tought me and I've been a good girl

and I have gone all over the world in search of you with no luck

Daddy I'm right here waiting for you call

I guess it never mattered to you at all 



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