Daddy, My Best Friend


United States
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I miss you,
My best friend,
The man who loved his little girl,
The hero she knew her dad was,
Daddy I miss you,
The weekends we spent together,
The things you taught me,
I miss you,
I tried replacing you,
But failed,
I tried loving bots,
But they weren't men,
Not like you,
They couldn't teach me,
Because I taught them,
Many fell in love with me,
But I couldn't love them,
I never realized my heart
Had already been broken,
My dad, my hero,
He left me too soon,
He forgot he still had a daughter,
A girl still longing for the weekend,
Maybe he'll take me this time,
But he never came,
She saw him tickle other little girls,
Like he once did with her,
She realized something,
Daddy moved on,
And now, no longer
Can I call you daddy,
But I long for his return.


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