Daddy M.I.A.

Missing in action was the answer to the question I kept asking

Where's my Dad? Always searching for a father I never had

He was never there, because he never cared

Next question is why, momma I'm older now you ain't' gotta' lie

Daddy went M.I.A, that's all you can say?

All I ever wanted was his love, and if he never wanted me he should've used a glove.

Daddy where you at, can anyone answer that?

Daddy I want you to know my pain.

You cut me with the knife of neglect and you should feel the same.

But, Daddy you know what's hilarious; I see yo' face every time I see mine,now that ain't' fair is it?

17 years patiently I awaited, all the while deep down I hated, the fact that I was anticipating a n***ga' that's M.I.A

Nope I won't shed another tear on your behalf, it's almost my turn to laugh

I'm gone' make it in this world, just like all those other Daddy's little girls

I can do it without you, I feel like a got a lot to prove

I'm gone' do something with my life, I'm not gone' be a Baby-Mama

I'm gonna' be a man's wife and a child's mother

There's alot I could call you, one name after the other, and Daddy ain't one.

Listen! I'm almost done

For all y'all girls who just like me, with a good for nothing M.I.A Daddy

Don't let his mistake put your happiness at stake

And if ain't nobody in yo' life to tell you wrongs and rights

Let these words hold you

The missing part of you will be sound

The love is only so close to you now

Please be strong, don't fall, do it for me and I'll do it for you

Now that we know the truth we have to

The little girl inside me has grown

She's smart and strong. Momma knew she could do it all along

She's black like you, but she's pretty too

And I don't need any man to tell me what I already know

The confidence in me has begun to grow

There soon will come a day

When all y'all dead beats gone wish y'all wasn't M.I.A




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