Mon, 04/11/2016 - 16:07 -- kjwc2

Why did you have to go.
Why did you have to leave me all alone in this world.  
Why did you have to cause my heart to break into pieces of an unsolvable puzzle.
Why did you have to leave me to fill and empty hundreds of buckets with my endless tears of pain and sorrow everyday.

What am I supposed to do.
How am I supposed to live happily without you.
Every year that goes by without you I think of the little time we shared.
The happy moments you and I lived through.

I remember our fun bike rides around the block.

I remember out long peaceful walks across the beah.
I remember your deep, tranquil voice putting me to sleep every night like a baby's pacifier.
I think of what life would be like now if you were still here.

I can't hold back these tears as much as I try.
You've made me put on my fake smile to show the world the happiness I wish I had.
Many people easily say "It's going to be okay" But is it really?
How can anyone move on from something like this, even if it's been a decade.
They say in time everything will be okay, but that's not the reality of what happens.
No one understands this feeling until they experience it.
I still don't even understand how I feel to this day.
All these emotions bottled up inside like fizz in a soda can ready to burst out and explode.
Sometimes I just feel lost and confused.

My memory is faint of everything we shared, but I will always remember your last words being "I Love You."
No matter what I will always and forever be a Daddy's Girl.
Whether you're here on earth physically with me or up there in heaven.
Rest In Peace.

I don't know if I can live without you.


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My family
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