A daughter needs her dad so he can teach her his morals and life lessons, she needs him to teach her how to be strong, and a daughter needs him to help pick up the pieces when times get rough and he is gone. He teaches her that she will feel pain whether its heart ache or she trips and falls and bruises her leg.

Dad you have taught me so much throughout my life, you have taught me to love, to be loved, to be giving and even my ABC’s. I know I’m getting older now but I can still see that you will always be here, and love me.

I appreciate all you do, you work so hard whether it’s farming in the field or being a dad and helping me learn to count the stars.

I love you dad and all you do, and I’m glad I have grown up with the same respective morals as you.

You have always believed in me no matter what it is, you are always there to help and guide me even when I was a kid.

I know we are getting older now but it makes no difference to me I will love you always daddy even more than Poseidon loves the sea.

By: Claudia Hauslauer


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