Daddy ;


I've noticed you changed a lot since Manhattan
I don't understand why you had to re-marry
When you were technically "so happy"
I thought I was your first rose
Yet I was taused & forgotten
Were still in contact but it seems as if were miles away
I can't deal with the fact that you up and left the family
That you once said you said you had
I can't deal with the pain
You say I have the temper of my mother but only if you knew
Your the one that made me this way
I can't seem to understand how you had her "falling over heels"
Yet you say you love mom
Your confusing
What did you actually come here for ?
Why was I even born?
I know I was made out of love
But why do I feel so left out ?
Not even you can give me the answers to all my questions
You say you don't get my writing
Yet your the reason I'm here
I wish you knew how much I truly love you

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