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A little girls disappointments turned to a young lady's resentment
How foolish of she to let her guard down? Yet she has no choice.
Her heart turned cold yet he seems to hold a fire that ignites her with hope.
The tears she shead, only her mother knew.
But she did not know enough.
Yet, here this girl lays allowing herself to get hurt over and over again.
Not only by him, but his kind.
He trained her to think like him, so she never noticed that she was in pain.
Unconsious to what was really going on, only in her recent years has she become aware.
It makes sense now.
So, where does she go?
Into his arms as he tells her he loves her.
She knows he does...she loves him too.
The years of damage hopefully will lead to more years of growth.
She hopes of years of love and progression.
To progress herself.

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