Dèjà Vu


Aaah!!! No don't do that please.
Thunk!! Shut up you dumb bitch
Aaahh!! Please don't do this
I said shut up before I slit your throat
That's it baby just relax and enjoy yourself okay...
Now get up and get dressed ya'hear
I said get dressed bitch
No Awwh fuck maine no
Awwh shit what have I done 
Fuck maine shit

Sitting silently I unwillingly witness
the death of this woman 
This beautiful innocent sweet woman
Sitting silently I witness
The death of this woman
This poor helpless creature 
Being violently ripped to shreds
Ripped to shreds by the hands of the hands of this monster 
Never even being giving the opportunity to live life to the fullest
Unbearable scars and permanent bruises
Will forever tattoo her once flawless skin
Skin the color of the earth's  blood red deserts after the gorgeous sunset
Tinted with blood and the slightest hint 
Of him
Head hanging limply to the side
Clothes no longer clothes but rags 
Discarded on the floor by their lifeless owner
Her body battered and bruised limply lays 
Exposed to the world and all of their unsightly thoughts 
Her neck is only but a piece of matted skin for the bones are as fragile as china in an earthquake
Breast at their finest peak
Almost ad if they're going to explode 
Explode like an active volcanoe
Het treasure is almost disfigures 
Its as if it was only a toy
A toy giving to a reckless little kid 
Blood here sagging pieces there 
blisters oozing with the deafening odor of him
Puddles of cum on the sheets and in between her legs 
Het hair matted to the sheets, dried tears and blood stains her face 
Body pale and limp
It looks so familiar and yet so strange
I know this woman bit I've never seen her before a day in my life
Wait the picture
Its getting blurry and fuzzy 
Gasp....thump-thump thump-thump 
Please don't do this 
No please don't, please



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